List of Movies, Specials, and other projects Edit

Part I Edit

  1. Princess Twivine Rises!
  2. The CMC's Horror Pizza Night [Halloween special]
  3. The Terminator Equine
  4. Wild West Escapade
  5. Legend of the Golden Gun
  6. Return to Paradise Falls
  7. Nyx's Halloween Adventure [Halloween Special]
  8. Attack of the Rock Monsters
  9. Storytime for Snowdrop
  10. Curse of the Great Shark
  11. Fluttershy, Rainbow and the birds (short film)
  12. A Tale of 2 Skunks [Valentine's special]
  13. The Search for the Cutie Mark Crusaders
  14. Great Airplane dogfight
  15. Train Wars: A New Hope
  16. Train Wars: The Bad Guys Strike Back
  17. Train Wars: Return of the Jedi
  18. Return to Agrabah
  19. Equesodor Battleship War
  20. Mako's amazing dance gig
  21. Past to the Future
  22. Past to the Future II: Trixie's World
  23. Past to the Future III: The Old West
  24. Percy and the Pie Family
  25. Mako's Halloween Adventure
  26. Rattlesnake Jake saves Christmas (holiday special)
  27. Angel Bunny's Christmas Carol [Christmas special]

Part 1.5 Edit

  1. Fish trouble [episode]
  2. The Triple header [episode]
  3. T.C.'s runaway to Breakfast [episode]
  4. Rose the Railcar [episode]
  5. Sherin's predicament [episode]
  6. Herman the Tramway Diesel [episode]
  7. Trouble for Pete [episode]
  8. Rachel's Dirty Paint [episode]

Part II Edit

  1. Dusty and the Grand Galloping Gala
  2. Rescue Planes
  3. The Terminator Returns
  4. Cabin Fever at Sweet Apple Acres
  5. The Trainbot King
  6. Time travel adventure
  7. Snowdrop, Oliver and Toad
  8. Puffer, Jenny, Pete and the Great Railway Show [special]
  9. The Great Snow Storm
  10. Return to Isla Sorna II
  11. Yuna's Grand Adventure: The Search for Princesses
  12. Brian and the missing cake
  13. A Grand Holiday Out
  14. Suri Polomare's revenge
  15. A pet for Mako
  16. Horror Campfire
  17. Vinny and Brian join the Cavalry
  18. Alimeda Slim rides again
  19. Vinny and Elsa go Down Under
  20. The 2 faces of Rarity [episode]
  21. Nemesis OpThomas Prime [episode]
  22. Omar: The Logging Loco

Part 2.5 Edit

  1. Adventure with the Backyardigans [special]
  2. Aerit rises!
  3. Alien Visitors
  4. The Lady in Pink Strikes Back
  5. Snowdrop's Story [prequel film]
  6. Courage and Nyx [episode]
  7. Singing Telegram deliveries [episode]
  8. A Dog and Snow Queen Wedding
  9. Pop Goes Bowler [episode]
  10. Bowler's Dirty Work [episode]
  11. A Close Shave for Pete [episode]

Part III Edit

  1. The Great Dog feud
  2. Duncan and the Car
  3. The Great Olympics
  4. How Hiatt Grey's engines met
  5. Eevee's untold story (prequel)
  6. Officer Drake and the Tank Engine Caper
  7. Rachel's anger problem [episode]
  8. Dying for Cake [episode]
  9. How the pets meet [episode]
  10. Pinkie gets the Blues [episode]
  11. The Great Dog Caper
  12. Trouble at the Harbor [episode]
  13. Skyla and Nyx's Crime [episode]
  14. Pete and the Haunted Mine [Halloween episode]
  15. The Phantom of the carnival [episode]
  16. War in Equestria
  17. The Tank Engine Nutcracker [Holiday Special]
  18. Shai-Shay and the Boulder [episode]
  19. Zoe and Pepper's feud [episode]
  20. Adventure after the Enimore
  21. Lofty Has Some fun [episode]
  22. The Ridiculous Fight [episode]
  23. Seaside trip
  24. Cutie Mark Crusaders on the Trail [episode]
  25. Fluttershy blue [episode]
  26. Curse of Canterlot
  27. The Curse of the Batpony
  28. Rachel in a mess [episode]
  29. The Lice Epidemic [episode]
  30. The Crystal King returns
  31. Battle Foals

Part 3.5 Edit

  1. Stop those thieves! [episode]
  2. T.C.'s scrambled eggs [episode]
  3. What a photo! [episode]
  4. Trevor helps out [episode]
  5. Danger down the drain [episode]
  6. Ready, Set, Record Break!! [episode]
  7. Rachel and the diesel engine [episode]
  8. Rachel's crossed line [episode]
  9. Daylight the fire engine [episode]
  10. Jenny's deep freeze [episode]
  11. Puffer's Nightmare [episode]
  12. Spell of the Nightmare Family
  13. Mighty Joe and the Cats [episode]
  14. Return of the Empire
  15. Sunrise Shimmer the Zebra
  16. The Idiot Painters [episode]
  17. Time in the cretaceous [episode]

Part IV Edit

  1. Return of the Big Bad! [Epic movie!]
  2. The return of Aku
  3. Yuna and the Colt
  4. Return of the Terminator
  5. Road to the Old Western [episode]
  6. Puffer's great discovery
  7. Rachel and Jenny go Buzz Buzz [episode]
  8. The illness cure [episode]
  9. Thomas, Barney, Roary, and Brian's Great Adventure
  10. The Feud of the Robotic Narrow Gauge Engines [episode]
  11. The Lost Train-Bot Empire
  12. Bertie's Big Racing Movie
  13. The Littlest Pet Shop Movie
  14. A bully for Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon [episode]
  15. BR Strikes Back
  16. Mad Seal Disease [episode]
  17. The Silver Streak and Daylight Special
  18. Big City Showoff [episode]
  19. A Big Surprise for Zoe Trent [episode]
  20. Death Lion (episode)
  21. Pinkie, Pepper and Mako get lost in the Scrapyards [Halloween special]
  22. The Pink Alicorn
  23. The lost mother
  24. Adventures being small
  25. Adventures in Las Vegas
  26. Finding Snowdrop
  27. Rachel's Club [episode]
  28. Hugs and the truck [episode]
  29. T.C.'s megatrain [episode]
  30. Jenny takes the road [epsiode]
  31. Knockout and the forest [episode]
  32. Hiatt Grey's engines to the rescue
  33. The Legend of the Lost Castle
  34. Escapades in Paris
  35. The Day with The Flying Scotsman
  36. General Grievous' Wrath!: The Rise of the Jedi Trains
  37. Island of the lost
  38. Brian's Bugle [episode]
  39. Mako's Doodle [episode]
  40. Brian's Barn Raising [episode]
  41. Road to the Equestria and Sodor
  42. The Rise of DarkMark

Part 4.5 Edit

  1. Terri the tramway diesel [episode]
  2. Hugs' tightrope [episode]
  3. Brian's day off [episode]
  4. Foals Don't Cry [episode]
  5. Rachel sees Red [episode]
  6. Kevin and the branch line express [episode]
  7. April fools to Rachel [episode]
  8. Brian and the Spring Death [short film]
  9. The Siege of Equinelantis
  10. Puffer's Pirate Adventure
  11. The New Godmothers
  12. Stardust: The Wish Creator
  13. Skyla the Giant Foal
  14. Grown-Up Foals: The Movie
  15. Star Terminator Wars
  16. The Lost Dinosaur World
  17. The Rich Duo and the Biskits Strike Back
  18. Stanley McFlip and the Case of the missing Diamond necklace
  19. The Foals palooza
  20. The Badger watch [episode]
  21. The Mystery of Quma
  22. Thomas, Barney, Roary, and Brian's Imagination Island
  23. The Night of Toothpick Head [Halloween Special]
  24. Nasty Pizza Puff [episode]
  25. Just One Little Bite [episode]
  26. Graveyard Babysitting [episode]
  27. The Cloud King's curse [episode]
  28. Dog
  29. Soldier Griffins [episode]
  30. King Centor
  31. Pearly and the Dragon of Judgement Day

Part V Edit

  1. The rise of the Changeling King
  2. The rise of the Changeling King II
  3. The rise of the Changeling King III
  4. I was a Teenage Seal [episode]
  5. The Plesiosaur
  6. Treasure Galaxy
  7. Ghosts in the Night [episode]
  8. Nyx and the Repquine
  9. Nyx and the Repquine 2
  10. Turkey chase (Thanksgiving special)
  11. Return of the T-P
  12. Plankton's Revenge!
  13. Thomas' Amazing Adventure: The Search for Pufferrod the original Train-Prime
  14. Brian, Vinny and the Great Parent Mystery
  15. The Equine of the Forest
  16. Return of Galvatrain
  17. The Dragon Bots: Rise of the Ice Agecons
  18. The Dragon Bots: Revenge of the Fallen American Lion
  19. Cleveland's Game [short film]
  20. Zoe rips off Annoying Orange [episode]
  21. Eek, a Roach! [episode]
  22. The Great Starlight Night
  23. The Ultimate Battle of the Legendary Pokemon
  24. Return of Gasket and Ratchet
  25. Twilight's Birthday
  26. Ah! Wilderness!
  27. Double sister trouble [episode]
  28. Night at T.C.'s [episode]
  29. Army Boot Camp University
  30. The Dinosaur across the Street
  31. The Search for Brian's Father
  32. The Hunter
  33. The Foals Adventure
  34. The Bad Terminator Brian
  35. Fiery Koko [episode]
  36. Brian's Wonderful Life [special]
  37. Brian's amazing birthday [episode]
  38. The Raiders of the Ark
  39. Undersea Adventure
  40. Brian's Birdwatching [episode]
  41. Return of The Black Diesels
  42. The Foals and the Alien Invader
  43. Glaceon and the Riolu
  44. Age of Darkness
  45. Sidney and the night of the Weremole
  46. Vinny's Wish
  47. Return of the T-X
  48. The Great Dragon Adventure
  49. The TechnoSneaker (episode)
  50. The Legend of the Lost Castle
  51. Rachel works at the Quarry [episode]
  52. Morley, Blitzer, and the Ghost Light [short film]
  53. The pets great adventure
  54. The Deceptitrain Comet
  55. Brian's Big Movie
  56. Alien attack!
  57. Frozen fillies
  58. Adventure in Yellowstone Park
  59. The Invasion of the Human World: Part 1
  60. The Invasion of the Human World: Part 2

Part 5.5 Edit

  1. Return of the Dolphin and Shark war
  2. Morley and Blitzer's hunting trip [episode]
  3. A scarf for Puffer [episode]
  4. Invasion of Team Dragon!
  5. Death V-Rex [episode]
  6. Lieutenant Percy
  7. A Day with the Culdee Engines
  8. The Skunk Movie
  9. Rigby vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger [episode]
  10. The CMC's Big, Huge Picture Show
  11. Mako's Sing Along Songs: The End of Mako's Songs?! (episode)
  12. A Day with The Star Fleet
  13. The Great Gold Rush Adventure
  14. Stanley's Amazing Outer Space Adventure!
  15. Under the Blue Hood
  16. Peter's Ultimate Adventure
  17. The Haunted Smaug [episode]
  18. Spare a cape [episode]
  19. Runaway Jenny! [episode]
  20. Princess Discord [episode]
  21. Puffer the Grey Cat [episode]
  22. Lofty the Rescue Crane [episode]
  23. The Invasion of Saturn!
  24. One Hundred and One Aristocats
  25. Muck on traction (episode)
  26. Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments
  27. Starkiller the Jedi Master
  28. Princess Luna vs. Yuna
  29. Brian, Peter, and the guys vs. Flutterbat
  30. Yuna's Delivery Service

Part VI (The final chapter) Edit

  1. Snowdrop's brain [episode]
  2. Darth Vader's revenge
  3. The True Side of Nyx
  4. Stewie is Home Alone! [Christmas special]
  5. The Alicorn: An Unexpected Journey
  6. The Alicorn: The Desolation of Rayquaza
  7. The Alicorn: The Battle of the Seven Armies
  8. The Fellowship of the Crown
  9. The Four Towers
  10. The Return of the Princess
  11. Kevin's Discovery [episode]
  12. Brian proves a point
  13. Birthday Adventure
  14. Sleeping Espeon
  15. The Lone Nicktoon
  16. Vinny's Big Surprise [episode]
  17. Clocktower Brian [episode]
  18. The Wrath of The Fallen & Sentinel Prime!
  19. Spy Fillies
  20. The Narrow Gauge Engine of Sodor
  21. A Penny for some jokes [episode]
  22. C-3PO and R2 to the Rescue! [episode]
  23. The Terminator Snow Queen
  24. The Big Crime Spree
  25. Peternapped! [episode]
  26. The Hurricane of Equestria [episode]
  27. Unicrane Returns
  28. The Foals and Company
  29. Revenge of the Nameless Deceptitrain
  30. The Wrath of Alto Mare
  31. The Big Christmas rescue!
  32. Pet Shop Rescue!
  33. Escape Shipwreck Island
  34. The trouble with Bats [episode]
  35. The Great Circus Train Adventure
  36. Brian the Human
  37. Logging adventure
  38. The hunt for Bigfoot [episode]
  39. Mystery on the Daylight Special
  40. Sick Monkey [episode]
  41. Brian and Slender Man! [Halloween episode]
  42. Yuna's Kingdom
  43. Tirek and Aku Strike Back
  44. The last adventure on Site B
  45. Scoop's Big Movie
  46. The Last Days of King Solar Flare
  47. Brian's Race Against Time
  48. The Dragon Bots: Last Stand

Trivia Edit

  • The movies and specials will now begin with the Paramount logo.

And sometimes the Dreamworks logo, but mainly the 20th Century Fox logo.

  • Patchy and Potty will appear in some movies, episodes, and specials; as special hosts or narrators.
  • Some of the episodes are based off of the Railway Series books.
  • Some of the movies will be short films.
  • In some of the movies, specials, or episodes surrounding our heroes' pets, The Mane 6's pets speak.
  • In some of the movies, specials or episodes, Hiatt Grey's engines are the main characters.

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